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Rolfing in Graz Since 2003
Nathan Michael Ingvalson B.Sc.
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At Ease with Gravity


An integrated structure – the true aim of Rolfing – is free of improper joint loading and connective tissue strain. The resulting improvement in integration often eliminates the deeper cause of chronic physical complaints; a welcome side effect, but not the actual goal of a Rolfing session or a series of Rolfing sessions. This is because the structural integration brought about by Rolfing is always a holistic and individual process for the whole person, and not a treatment for specific health problems.



In a Rolfing session, the function of the body’s fascial network is improved using targeted manual pressure. This in turn encourages a more upright posture with less effort, making the influence of gravity a positive one rather than a source of discomfort and dysfunction. The goal is a more relaxed and aligned posture, easier movement and freer breathing.

Rolfing blocks

 “Strength that has effort in it
is not what you need;
you need the strength
that is the result of ease,”

Ida P. Rolf Ph.D. (1896 - 1979)
Developer of Structural Integration


Practical Information


A Rolfing session lasts around 75 minutes. First, your structure (i.e. your posture)  and the way you move are analyzed. This results in the individualized process, which usually takes place while you are lying down, but also while sitting, standing and walking. With precise and sensitively applied pressure, your tissue is freed and reshaped so that your body structure can move closer and closer to vertical internal alignment. You support this process through focused attention, conscious breathing and guided movements.

It is possible to document the results through photos of you before and after a series of sessions.


The basic Rolfing series usually consists of a continuous sequence of three or ten sessions, which are systematically connected to one another and tailored to your individual structure. Each session builds on the last. A series of three to five follow-up sessions can take place after an appropriate break. There is also always the possibility for  "refresher" sessions at a later date.

I am happy to offer two different price levels so that more people can afford Rolfing. The amount will be established at the time of your no-obligation first Rolfing session.


“A good stance and posture
reflect a proper state of mind.”

Morihei Ueshiba (1883 - 1969)
Founder of Aikido
the peaceful martial art


Get to Know Rolfing


Contact me to schedule a no-obligation first Rolfing session* – that’s naturally the best way for us to decide if Rolfing is a good match for your goals and if we would like to work on them together. Use the contact form below, send me an SMS at 0650-8513137 or write to me directly at


* Sessions must be booked in advance.

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“It’s later than you think!”

Seraphim Rose (1934 - 1982)
Russian Orthodox monk


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