About Me

Being very physically active has always been an essential part of my life

While in university I raced bicycles on the road and track for about 5 years (licensed, United States Cycling Federation). I then moved to Portland, Oregon where I began doing aikido, the friendly martial art, and I also started hiking more and trail running as there are many idyllic parks in and around Portland. Unfortunately my knees were not so happy about running after so many years of bicycle racing – it was then that I tried Rolfing, which did more than resolve my knee problems. That experience prompted me to change career directions and train to become a Rolfer.

I completed the first part of the Rolfer training in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration – the school founded by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in 1971. For the second part of the training to become a Rolfer, I chose to attend the program with the European Rolfing Association in Munich as, at that time, it had a reputation for being more more exacting. I completed the training in 2003 and became a "Certified Rolfer". For a number of reasons, I realized that living in the US was not for me, and within a few months after finishing the Rolfing education in Germany, I was able to relocate to Graz where I have been Rolfing ever since.

I initially continued with aikido training in Graz and I also experimented a bit with wing tsun, the style of martial art Bruce Lee did before developing his own. In 2004 I discovered kettlebell training, which I love to this day for its effectiveness and simplicity. Around the same time I also started doing yoga on a more or less daily basis in order to remain flexible while building strength. As my interest in harder martial arts waned over time, I became more and more interested in solo practices like qigong and tai chi as a means to maintain balance and body-mind integration. The key, I think, is finding physical activities that you can continue with as you age in order to remain functional…and to thrive in your own way. I like helping people with that. 


  • B.Sc. in Linguistics completed in 1995, University of Wisconsin - Madison (US)
  • Firefighter/EMT Program at Madison Area Technical College completed in 1997 (US)
  • Massage Therapy Program at East West College completed in 2001 in Portland, Oregon (US)
  • Rolfing Training: “Embodiment of the Rolfing® Process" in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado (US)
  • Rolfing Training: “Practical Application – Working with Clients” in 2003 in Munich (Germany)

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